Monday, March 30, 2009

1 and a half year

aft go the edu fair in inti...
i got some idea about my degree....
see all many Uni in Aussie
ask many info about the course
but most important is the tuition fees and living cost...
me n sam go ask ms lim about some idea....
miss lim reali help us in giving some idea and comment
thx miss lim....
i discuss wif my mum aso
erm i will study 1 year degree in penang curtin lah
than i will go aussie for 1 year
i choice this way because of
  1. money.....(my parents not that rich giv me go 2 years)
  2. ability......(my result no that good aso.....haha)
  3. preparation..( i reali not prepare yet for go oversea on next year0
  4. independent...( too seng pai liao)
  5. secret....haha

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