Monday, November 14, 2011


I have stop to blog since one and half year ago caz i feel nothing special to post on and there is no good memory as well. Well, today just finish my corporation law. Hopefully this is my last exam paper in QUT and i can go back penang celebrate many many event with my family. 1st is the winter solstice. I can eat a lot of rice ball. Miss the stall is opposite traders hotel, if you try before you will definitely will agree with me. 2nd is Christmas. I love Christmas. I can have a good time with my family because I can go Church with my family and having dinner together. I can still can remember the wish that I make during last Christmas but the wish still haven't realise yet. I think I will continue make the same wish for the rest of the Christmas until God is hear my wishes. 3rd of course is NEW YEAR. This would be a nice date for a group of nice friend gathering together and have a nice dinner. 4th is my lovely mummy birthday. Luckily every year also can celebrate with hear. This year I will try to make a OREO cheese cake. Be patient I will try to post some picture if the connection is allow. 5th is CNY. Of course we can get a lot of angpao and steamboat. I really miss steamboat a lot. I will able to celebrate this all event if I can pass every subject in my Uni. Hopefully God will hear my prayed and let me pass everything.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Yeah.. finally i had finish my 3 papers already.. left 1 on 17th of june..
After 17th, I SWEAR i really swear, i want begin a healthy life, and my roommate promise will accompany already.. woohoo~ feel exited now !
At the same time, i feel upset too about *ahem ahem*.. we discuss next time lar.. hehe ^^

Today, after exam we all are extremely tired but we all feel happy too at the same time because we left 1 paper only! I think we all over focus on Happy and we all forgot about the tiredness already! I can surely say that we all PIA our final exam until * No Days No Night* with our sucks timetable!! And then we all come back our sweetly home for rest, then i cooked spaghetti for my Dear-EST roommate and housemate eat, because we all just took a mini burger as our breakfast only. After that, all nua nua nua nua ~ and then we planned want to LV because my dear want buy something from LV but then LV trading hours was over already then we all just walk around Queens street. Really nothing much for us to do.. then i suggest go south bank, but my housemate and roommate feel cold and don't want go south bank, actually want cross over the bridge is really cold, but is okay.... then i just walk around alone and i asked them go back first..
After that, i also don't know where i go already actually, then i come back sleep a while..
And now we all FIFA-ing !! haha ^^

I really MISS Tafe deeply truthly madly badly damnly lovely sweetly siaoly hiaoly !! haha XD

That all for today!! we continue next blog ya !! hope all my FANS stay tune ya <3

Sunday, May 30, 2010



I have long time din't update my blog already..
I will try my best to update it when have new news..and new new new ss!
Recently i really feel that I'm tired with my life.. but don't know what to do..
I'm try to do something make me feel happy ...but dont know why...haiz.. discuss next time lar..

Today i woke up earlier in the morning (12.30PM) to study, is feel stress recently about final exam.. i think i need to motivate my life and update my mind all the time. because i'm NUA to face to my 4 subjects !! But i will try to study hard start onward. After i finish the other chapter of law.. i called my roommate wake up... and i knew that my 3 nua tang housemate sure nua till very late.. then i decided go out kia kia and wait them outside... And i really down with their attitude.. why i call them many times they dint picked up my phone and let me wait for them more than 1 hours with the cold weather .. ! Takkan you all don't know i want go church at 5.30pm on time.. and im very hungry and angry at that time.. HATE YOU ALL.. but nevermind lar.. GOD ask me to forgive u all ! so you three must thank to god not ME ! hehe ^^

GOD i have many things to tell you ! Hope you are beside me anytime anywhere ...
Is time to upload photos.. i know you all ( MY DEAR FANS ) sure wait for a long time d !!

With 2 Hiao housemate.. they are siao .. but sometimes they are good !

With my only one roommate ! we are having CLOT interview! NICE ?

IS IT CUTE ? erm~ need sometimes to think before answer this question right..nvm.. i give u all time.. haha =D

Thats all for today <3

Monday, January 11, 2010


not much to say la actually....this few days really busy wif the Uni things....all the things have to settle asap...but nw all still is at unknown status...flight...pen to sg-waiting list(worry) to bris-(settle)....hostel-exp and haven get reply...luggage and many staff haven prepare yet...god please bless me ...find cheap hostel asap and flight got place...

Monday, December 21, 2009


4/12/09- went to sg for 5 days
19/12/09- result is release

Thursday, December 3, 2009


2day is a big day for TAFE SEM 4 caz finally we finish our exam and finish our program too...
2day we go qb watch a movie with 19 classmate and celebrate our ning birthday and freedom day
since my birthday until now i think got 4 month i din update my blog
i think i will post some of my birthday pic and some life pic
hope i can pass all external and leave penang soon...

Saturday, August 8, 2009


woooo....2day is my big day.....haha
actually is my birthday.....i wan say happy birthday to myself la....haha
happy birthday.....kaka
n thx to all the ppl that wish me aso la....
n my family member n all my "dear".....
thx u all.....