Sunday, May 30, 2010



I have long time din't update my blog already..
I will try my best to update it when have new news..and new new new ss!
Recently i really feel that I'm tired with my life.. but don't know what to do..
I'm try to do something make me feel happy ...but dont know why...haiz.. discuss next time lar..

Today i woke up earlier in the morning (12.30PM) to study, is feel stress recently about final exam.. i think i need to motivate my life and update my mind all the time. because i'm NUA to face to my 4 subjects !! But i will try to study hard start onward. After i finish the other chapter of law.. i called my roommate wake up... and i knew that my 3 nua tang housemate sure nua till very late.. then i decided go out kia kia and wait them outside... And i really down with their attitude.. why i call them many times they dint picked up my phone and let me wait for them more than 1 hours with the cold weather .. ! Takkan you all don't know i want go church at 5.30pm on time.. and im very hungry and angry at that time.. HATE YOU ALL.. but nevermind lar.. GOD ask me to forgive u all ! so you three must thank to god not ME ! hehe ^^

GOD i have many things to tell you ! Hope you are beside me anytime anywhere ...
Is time to upload photos.. i know you all ( MY DEAR FANS ) sure wait for a long time d !!

With 2 Hiao housemate.. they are siao .. but sometimes they are good !

With my only one roommate ! we are having CLOT interview! NICE ?

IS IT CUTE ? erm~ need sometimes to think before answer this question right..nvm.. i give u all time.. haha =D

Thats all for today <3

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