Saturday, June 12, 2010


Yeah.. finally i had finish my 3 papers already.. left 1 on 17th of june..
After 17th, I SWEAR i really swear, i want begin a healthy life, and my roommate promise will accompany already.. woohoo~ feel exited now !
At the same time, i feel upset too about *ahem ahem*.. we discuss next time lar.. hehe ^^

Today, after exam we all are extremely tired but we all feel happy too at the same time because we left 1 paper only! I think we all over focus on Happy and we all forgot about the tiredness already! I can surely say that we all PIA our final exam until * No Days No Night* with our sucks timetable!! And then we all come back our sweetly home for rest, then i cooked spaghetti for my Dear-EST roommate and housemate eat, because we all just took a mini burger as our breakfast only. After that, all nua nua nua nua ~ and then we planned want to LV because my dear want buy something from LV but then LV trading hours was over already then we all just walk around Queens street. Really nothing much for us to do.. then i suggest go south bank, but my housemate and roommate feel cold and don't want go south bank, actually want cross over the bridge is really cold, but is okay.... then i just walk around alone and i asked them go back first..
After that, i also don't know where i go already actually, then i come back sleep a while..
And now we all FIFA-ing !! haha ^^

I really MISS Tafe deeply truthly madly badly damnly lovely sweetly siaoly hiaoly !! haha XD

That all for today!! we continue next blog ya !! hope all my FANS stay tune ya <3

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