Monday, November 14, 2011


I have stop to blog since one and half year ago caz i feel nothing special to post on and there is no good memory as well. Well, today just finish my corporation law. Hopefully this is my last exam paper in QUT and i can go back penang celebrate many many event with my family. 1st is the winter solstice. I can eat a lot of rice ball. Miss the stall is opposite traders hotel, if you try before you will definitely will agree with me. 2nd is Christmas. I love Christmas. I can have a good time with my family because I can go Church with my family and having dinner together. I can still can remember the wish that I make during last Christmas but the wish still haven't realise yet. I think I will continue make the same wish for the rest of the Christmas until God is hear my wishes. 3rd of course is NEW YEAR. This would be a nice date for a group of nice friend gathering together and have a nice dinner. 4th is my lovely mummy birthday. Luckily every year also can celebrate with hear. This year I will try to make a OREO cheese cake. Be patient I will try to post some picture if the connection is allow. 5th is CNY. Of course we can get a lot of angpao and steamboat. I really miss steamboat a lot. I will able to celebrate this all event if I can pass every subject in my Uni. Hopefully God will hear my prayed and let me pass everything.

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