Saturday, November 1, 2008


Actually I feel that me quite keat loh
exam just aroud the corner n i can find reason go here go there
yesterday actually dont wan go any where liao eh
but suddenly my bro giv me 50 bucks n call me go baskin buy ais cream
me so like to eat ice cream eh sure will go buy eh lah n got ppl sponsor leh
who dont wan go n buy leh.....
i direct drive to queens n buy my ice cream
n meet my sec sch eh friend at baskin
we go coffee bean again
n i top up my card 50 bucks...gone again
i buy 3 pints and cost me abt 53bucks
i dont wan shared wif my family
i wan eat all...haha
i won be so selfish eh lah
n yesterday aftnoon i aso go queens liao eh
n having my lunch at DAVE DELI
aft that rush back Inti caz got Budget eh test
2day i aso din study tiok....haha
zhi xiang sure will scold me eh....
morning go my dad eh shop
n back abt 2 something
aft that my cousin call me go out
n finally we go secret recipe....
order 1 classic cheese cake and ice lemon tea
aft 6 something i go eat steamboat near UMNO there eh
n quite nice.....but quite exp.... 1 ppl 19.90 we 7 ppl abt 140bucks
we having there abt 3 hrs
n finally we cant finish n fine 5 bucks...haha
back aso 9 something...quite tired n full.....
i will post some pic on my next post

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