Sunday, November 2, 2008


i wan say sorry to my lovely mum n dad
some time i reali cant control my anger
although just small thing i can direct "scold" my mum n my dad
actually my dad is best dad in the world
he buy kui tiao th'ng 4 me n i dont wan eat just leave it
i angry abt that...say loudly to my dad
but my dad din scold me aso
n my dad need finish it....... i say i like to eat wan tan mee
aft a day he reali buy wan tan mee to me.......
n buy big size eh 4 me....of coz i cant finish lah
i shared wif my bro...n he just buy 1 pack nia
may b he bias or more sayang me mah....haha
my mum mum in the world.......
she can help me anything......
sometime i no need worry eh
she will prepare 4 me
i wan wear wat shirt she will prepare 4 me
i no need say anything...she will choice 4 me
my underwear n socks she aso will prepare 4 me.....
haha.....i noe u all sure will laugh eh
may b i SENG PAI
i reali very sorry abt
i noe my fault
but i really cant control on that second
may b something will hurt my mum n dad
they will feel disappointed on me
may b i too impatient or too stress
just release my stress on their body
may b i too willful
all i wan eh is correct
all i cant get it eh i will angry abt that
may b i too arbitrary
i wan means i wan
my sis very scare me aso
caz i will disallow her do this do that
or buy this buy that
she din like go shopping wif me
caz i will prevent her buy this n that
i aso need say sorry to her aso lah
anyway i wan say sorry to all ppl that i made u angry
may b i not dare say infront of u
who feel that i got made u angry eh
this sorry will say to u........

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ur blog really is funny!!!
can reduce stress here....whahahaha
..u sounds not serious,,n u reli is sengpai!