Sunday, October 26, 2008


y ppl need money
buy things........??
satisfy their dream......??
or wat??
now i feel that money is very important to my life
without money
i cant do anything
i cant go qb eat sushi king
i cant go qb watch movie
i cant go qb coffee bean
i think 70% of my pocket money is contribute to the qb
although my pocket abt 750++
but still not enough
but just 1 week 1 time only
i aso dont noe where is my money go
i think mostly is qb
my back acc saving still not increase
still like the same
Is it i'm wasted my money
or the things is very expensive
i think start frm November
i need to keep 50% of my pocket money
i write down all the daily expenses
and prepare a budget
haha kidding lah
hope that my classmate won call me go qb enjoy or relax
actually some time i call them go eh....hehe
n hope i that is will success to increase my saving

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