Wednesday, October 15, 2008


2day i want giv some surprise to all my friend except zhi xiang
monday morning law class is cancel
we no need go college on 8 am
caz that time is for us to sleep
i was wake up on 9 something
i open refri n take out my TUA PAO
n steam it.....
aft that i go sleep again
aft half an hour
when i wake up
i saw my house is full with the smoke n very smelly
i fast run into the kitchen n see my TUA PAO
there is a lot smoke is come out frm the pan that i use to steam my TUA PAO
aft that i close the fire
n open the pan
this is wat is see
this 1 is CHAO DA eh TUA PAO
who dare to eat
n it is hard as biscuit
aft i remove this TUA BAO
and i need throw my bowl
caz totally cant remove the CHAO DA part
so this is my surprise

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