Thursday, October 23, 2008


2day early morning got FA test
i have done for 3 hours
and i got chance for me refer the assessment answer
but i dont still cant pass up a perfect answer
i hope i no need retest...
and i want say sorry to my classmate that wait for me abt 1 hour
aft the test
we all go QB
my favourite shopping mall......
zhi kang bring us go opposite eh shop eat fried rice
and the taste quite nice....yeah
aft we go submit the marathon eh form and pay 10 bucks
i think got ppl will laugh on me or ask Jeff u can oh??
i tell u all actually i aso not sure eh
n i just go there play play nia
than we 8 ppl go watch BANGKOK DANGEROUS
the show is quite nice
but the ending is not that good caz the main actor is died
abt 5.30 we all go back

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